We pray Lord for each of these children and young people as they go to school. We pray that you will place a blessed heavenly circle around them, a heavenly circle filled with your strength and health and love. Strength and health to keep them well and virus free, and your love so they know they are never alone.

We pray Lord too, that as you encircle these young people you will fill them with enthusiasm to learn and discover, and that you will fill them each with kindness and grace in welcoming new friends and in helping each other, and that you will fill them each with courage and delight in giving the best of themselves with joy.

Lord, encircle, bless and encourage these children and young people, each of whom is beautifully and wonderfully created.

Lord, we thank you that you hear our prayers. faithfully in your name we pray, the congregation of Prince of Peace, Wasaga Beach and the congregation of St. Luke’s Creemore.

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